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Hoian Eco-tour

Hoian Eco-tour
Hoian Eco-tour is local family-run tour that shows travelers about how Vietnamese people live, work and eat. Founder of Hoian Eco-tour, Jack Tran, founded Hoian Eco-tour with the vision of creating a sustainable business that would preserve and promote both Vietnamese environment and strong social and cultural values.

By engaging local people who: provide knowledgeable commentary and demonstrate traditional fishing and farming techniques, Hoian Eco-tour provides tourists with the opportunity for some hands-on experiences.

Address: Hoi An, Quang Nam Province. 
Open daily, all year around
Location: Pick up/drop off from your hotel in Hoi An.


Farming & Fishing life tour is the best seller among Hoian Eco-tour tours. This 6-hour-long tour involves leisure bicycle ride, riding a water buffalo, working on a rice field, bamboo basket boat and net fishing experience. During the tour, you will also learn how to plant vegetables and visit the organic veggie garden.