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History & Background

Born in a small village in North Vietnam, Asia Travel & Leisure founder, Thai Tan, was able to go to university only through the collective efforts of his community.  Deeply touched by their confidence in him, he made a vow to give back to his people in every way possible. Fifteen years later, his promise to invest in local culture manifested in Asia Travel & Leisure’s dedication to community-based tourism.

Since 2005 Asia Travel & Leisure has been a smart and sustainable travel alternative dedicated to providing travelers with an authentic cultural experience. Originating in Hanoi as Vietnam Travel, Tan’s innovative tours, crafted with expert local knowledge and attention to detail, quickly gained a reputation for excellence. With the support of external investors, he was able to expand his efforts, opening a second office in Saigon. Over the years, hard work and dedication paid off and Vietnam Travel blossomed throughout Indochina, forming Asia Travel & Leisure.

As the company grew, its commitment to the local people remained firm. Now with 7 branch offices in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos; Asia Travel & Leisure ensures that each business is run with local intelligence and cultural integrity. “Sensible travel can secure the longevity of our ancient cultures and traditions. I owe my life to the people. I pledge to operate Asia Travel & Leisure with that same spirit of generosity which guarantees the viability of future generations.”


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