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Adventure Expo- Long Beach, CA 2014

Long Beach, CA, United States hosts the annual LA Travel and Adventure Show. Since 2006, travelers and adventurers of all stripes have packed into the LA Travel and Adventure Show. Feb 2014, Asia Travel & Leisure at the booth 755 promote tours of 5 Southeast Asia countries of Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Our four sisters in Moc Chau

Chu (15 years old), Mua (13) and the twin Ganh & Mai (7) got a happy day. These four sisters are living in the small house on the hillsides of Moc Chau. They did not get care from parents in the last couple of years, no school, some meals are ok and some are not and can’t afford for electricity in the house. But from today and on, they got loves from nice team from Asia Travel & Leisure and the twin will go back to school... Thanks Nga, Lap, Huong, Cam Chloe, Mien, Minh, Tuan... and many other staff at Asia Travel & Leisure and Marc Ray and his friends who gave us a hand on helping these girls with food, schooling and beak the circle of poverty.