The names of these mountains, representing each of the 5 elements, were taken from an old Vietnamese song. The marble mountains are known with the names of (following the clockwise direction): Hoa Son (mountain of Fire), Kim Son (mountain of Metal), Tho Son (mountain of Earth), Thuy Son (mountain of Water) and Moc Son (mountain of Wood).Popular place for spiritual retreat and pilgrimage is composed of several pagodas Buddhist, remnants of the Champa civilization and caves inside the mountains, natural caves formed by erosion, water and the passage of time.

Metal Mountain (Kim Son)

Metal Mountain (Kim Son) is located in the Southeast, on the bank of Co Co River. Travelling by boat, tourists can contemplate the beautiful scenery. Ben Ngu, the place, the Kings often stayed each time come to Ngu Hanh Son. Today, it did not exist; however, people can see one ironwood pillar near the Quan Am pagoda.

On the foot of Kim Son Mountain, there has a cave with 50 meters length, 10 meters width and 10-15 meters height. The entrance has natural stone steps, the stalagmite creates Guan Yin statue, which is beautiful and lively.

Wood Mountain (Moc Son)

Moc Son is located near the sea, Thuy Son Islet to the East. The East and South is sand cave, the North is fields and the West is villages. Although it has the name “Wood Mountain”, it has fewer trees. The top mountain is divided into cog-shape as cock spur, so that it also has the name “Mong Ga” Mountain (cock spur mountain).

On the mountain, there has no pagoda; it only has white marble stone as the shape of people. The local people often call “Co Mu” or Guan Yin. In addition, there has small cave named Ba Trung Mountain. In two wars in Vietnam, local people and revolutionary cadre often used this place as shelter. 

Water Mountain (Thuy Son)

Water Mountain is located on the area of 15 hectares and it is the highest mountain in Ngu Hanh Son. The mount has 3 tops as three Tam Thai stars so that it is named Tam Thai Mountain. The highest mountain in the northwest is Thuong Thai mount, Trung Thai is in the South and Ha Thai mount is in the East. The pagodas and caves concentrated in Thuy Son. Thuong Thai mount has Vong Giang Dai, Pho Dong tower, Tu Lam pagoda, Tam Tam padoda, Tham Thai padoda, Hanh Cung padoda, Hoa Nghiem cave, Huyen Khong cave, Linh Nam cave and Lang Hu cave. On Trung Hai Mount, there have two entrances: Thien Phuoc Dia, Van Can Nguyet and some caves such as: Van Thong cave, Thien Long Cave, Van Nguyet Grotto. Ha Thai mount has Vong Hai Dai, Linh Ung Pagoda, Ngu Coc cave, Tang Chan, Fairy well and Am phu Cave.

Fire Mountain (Hoa Son)

Hoa Son includes two mountains and one stone line combining them. The mountain near Kim Son to the West is Duong Hoa Son, located on the Co Co River. On the Western mountain side to the North, opposing to Kim Son, there has 3 words of Han script “Duong Hoa Son” which are sculptured into the mountainous wall. In the mountain, there has grottos and Pho Son Da pagoda.

Earth Mountain (Tho Son)

Tho Son is located on the Northern Kim Son islet and Southern Thuy Son islet. This is the longest mountain in Ngu Hanh Son. The Western Tho Son is Ba Cha River. In the mountain, there has entrance that faces to the South-West; its name is Coc grotto or Bo De grotto. During two wars in Vietnam, Bo De grotto was considered as natural shelter for local people and revolutionary cadre.

On the northern Tho Son, to the Da Nang, there has Long Hoa pagoda. It was built in 1992. This terrain contributes to the beauty of whole picture of Non Nuoc - Ngu Hanh Son Mountain.

Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son, Danang.
Open daily, all year around
: 7 kilometers from Danang city to the Southeast.
Entrance fee: $2 / person

Belonging to Marble Mountain, Water Mountain - Thuy Son is considered as the highlight and must be visit. The mountain of water is the largest and most beautiful of all mountains and without a doubt, the great tourist attraction of Danang marble mountains, since it concentrates almost all the points of interest of the visit.

To access the temples, caves and viewpoints of mountain water of the marble mountains group, there are 2 paths formed by flights of stairs: the road located in the western part of the mountain is composed of 156 steps and the path of the East by 108 steps. Since 2011 is running a lift / elevator that it facilitates the access of visitors and pilgrims (sometimes the elevator is not in service, with what we recommend to wear footwear comfortable and appropriate if finally touched up the stairs).

At the top of the mountain Thuy are marble, as well as the breathtaking viewpoints, highlight the Linh Nham cave in which the holes formed on the walls of the cave let rays of light creating a spectacular effect in the interior, the pagoda Tam Thai, Temple dating back to the year 1630, and as a last highlight recommend visiting the beautiful Linh Ung pagoda probably the most photographed of the complex, where the most visible part is the Tower Xa Loi and the spectacular views of the sea of China.

Among the different caves that are part of Thuy Son, the most beautiful is Huyen Khong cave, with an immense altar carved in stone and the cave Am Phu, known by the nickname of Cave of hell. Am Phu Cave receives that name by the entrance, which is steep, you descend from heaven to hell, since during the descent light stays on her back and the only thing that looks forward is darkness. In the cave, we can see statues and representations of skeletons, demons, and other scenes of Buddhist, imagined hell as a prison. Especially, the temperature seldom exceeds 20° C, which should be warm and not be carried away by the heat that can encourage your name.


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