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The Imperial Museum

The Imperial Museum of Hue is a gallery of antiques displaying collections of bronze, pottery, chinaware, Phap Lam enamel, court robes, head-gear and personal belongings of former Vietnam Emperors. 
It is a 7-compartment, 2-bay building constructed in the "double" architecture, originally called the Long An Palace (Emperor's Security) in the Bao Dinh Residence of Tay Loc precinct.

When French troops took Bao Dinh Residence for their headquarters in 1885, Long An Palace was removed and materials were stored. But, in 1909, by order of Emperor Duy Tan, they were moved to the present-day site (3 Le Truc St.) where was built the New Library and Office of Association of Friends of Old Hue.
It served later as the Khai Dinh Museum in Emperor Khai Dinh's time, in 1923. The building (former Long An Palace) housing the museum is a monument of remarkable value. The Wooden panels are covered with 35 poems and essays composed by Emperor Thieu Tri.


Add: 3 Le Truc street, right by the citadel
Open hour:
Morning: 7h30' - 11h30' 
Afternoon: 13h30' - 16h30'

You have to take off your shoes and make sure you put them into the bag at the entrance before going inside 


The museum building is pristine and the cool, quiet interior was a treat after the busy citadel. The items exhibited were all first-rate craftsmanship. There were some amazing examples of lacquer work and embroidery. 

There are beautiful pieces of furniture, clothing, swords, silverware, porcelain and interesting gongs - one made of bronze, one of marble.