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Long Xuyen crocodile farm

Long Xuyen crocodile farm, helded CITES certification crocodile farming and trading since 2003, for perfection continues to expand the business from the crocodile breeding to produce all kinds of fashion products from crocodile skin and the restaurant business combination. Long Xuyen crocodile farm has purchased enough grass Crocodile (alligator from a crocodile to the same parents), crocodile, alligator meat, other animal species, plants and products made from crocodile skin, such as: Belts, for men, for women, bags, shoes, gifts tangho products continues to develop complete business expansion from the crocodile breeding to produce all kinds of leather fashion products crocodiles and the restaurant business combination…

Every year, Long Xuyen crocodile farm to market supply over 7,000 kinds alligator size, to meet domestic demand and exports. Beside, the restaurant business, coffee shop to relax, celebrating birthdays, meetings and open for visitors at the residence of the special god marsh fierce and powerful. A mystical realm, but beautiful and large enough for 30,000 residents, large and small crocodiles live and develop according to the colony is unique.


Address: 44/1A Р Tran Hung Dao, the My Thanh Ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province.

Admission: 10,000 VND

Opening hour: 7:00 AM – 6 PM


You can combine Long Xuyen crocodile farm in the trip to Mekong Delta. You will be leisurely walk in the garden with the biological diversity of plant species; rare animal species are preserved and developed with crocodiles. Besides the excellent services and professionalism of the team of friendly staff with styles, hygiene standards and safety, ensuring clean, green, beautiful and popular prices.