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Streets of Phnom Penh City

1, Street 178: Has long been known as 'Art Street' for the local sculpture shops and art galleries that line the road near the National Museum and Royal University of Fine Arts. Sculptors work on the street next to Wat Sarawan and the local galleries clustered near the Museum, most focusing on commercial and popular Cambodian art. But there are also a number of artists' galleries, handicraft and silk boutiques as well as a few restaurants and bars, especially close to the riverfront.

The award winning Reyum Gallery is of particular note, which offers changing exhibitions of traditional and contemporary art by noted Cambodian artists. Toward the river end of 178 there are several restaurants and bars including the famous FCC.

2, Street 240: Street 240's tree shaded avenue harbors a unique collection of quality boutiques and souvenir shops, offering Cambodian silks and silk fashions, Southeast Asian art, handicrafts, curios andfurniture. There are a few restaurants, bars, wine shops, bookstores, and travel agencies interspersed along the way. After visiting the Royal Palace, stroll around the corner to explore Street 240. Most of the shops are concentrated along the couple of blocks between Street 19 and Norodom Blvd. At the corner of Street 240 next to the Royal Palace, the Council of Ministers building sits distinctively, particularly photogenic in the late afternoon. Before heading up 240, consider taking a short detour through the park to Wat Botum to see the towering white 'Buddha Relic Stupa'. As you are walking up Street 240 from the Palace area note the well preserved colonial era villas on the south side of the street.

3, Sisowath Quay Street - So called Riverfront Area: along Sisowath Quay from the Street 104 Area to the Royal Palace area near Street 178 is popular with locals and tourists alike.

The riverfront offers some of the city’s most interesting sites including dozens of pubs, galleries, cafés, restaurants and shops that sit along one side of Sisowath Quay overlooking the Chaktomuk.

Trip Advisory:

The riverfront is particularly popular in the early evening but it’s also a great place to stroll at any time of day. Have a snack or a meal, relax at a riverfront cafe and watch the riverfront street life, do a bit of shopping, explore the side streets. The best shopping streets radiating off the river are Street 178 and Street 240 on either side of the Royal Palace and National Museum. A couple of the cities best bar streets are just off the riverfront.
Cyclos are three-wheeled pedal cycle-rickshaws. They are slow, scenic, traditional and romantic, though waning in number.