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Indein village is one of the small villages of Inle Lake located on the western bank of the lake. This mysterious place is at the end of the marvelous Indein creek, which connected with Inle Lake just after the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda. A narrow, foliage-cloaked canal winds through the reeds to the lakeside village of Indein.

Indein village is known for a cluster of incredible atmospheric ruined pagodas. The ruin pagodas, hide in the bushes will give you impressions of you were in the 12th - 13th Centuries ago. The first group of ruined stupas is immediately behind the village. Known as Nyaung Ohak , the crumbling stupas are choked in greenery but you can still discern some ornate stucco carvings of animals and devas

From Nyaung Ohak, a covered stairway climbs the hill, leading to Shwe Inn Thein Paya , a complex of 1054 weather-beaten zedi (stupas), most constructed in the 17th and 18th centuries. Some of the zedi lean at crazy angles while others have been reconstructed. From the pagoda, there are great views across the lake and valley. For even better views, there are two more ruined stupas on conical hills just north of the village, reached via a dirt path behind Nyaung Ohak. You could easily spend a few hours exploring the various ruins here.


Location: on the western bank of Inle lake

Open daily from 8 am until 6 pm.

Fee: 300 Kyat camera fee and a 300 Kyat visiting fee


Enjoy the great experienced boat through Inle Lake to Indein. Once you arrived to town, there are no good signals, to understand where you should go. But the people is so charming and friendly that you will find your way very soon. Try to take the path out of the main stairs, go through bamboo forest, so you will walk out of vendors and enjoy the landscape. The pagodas here are little different than other ones in Myanmar since it almost ruins. The ruins are spectacular and untouched. Try to poke your head through archways in ruined stupas to find wall paintings, or a golden Buddha with bricks tumbling around the statue.

Moreover, Indein Village is part of the five-day inshore circuit and one of the largest and liveliest markets in the area. Numerous P-O and Danu tribal people come down from the hill and villagers engage in bon-lethal cockfights and football and chinlon matches.