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Nam Pan Village

Nam Pan Village is located in the south of Ywama village. The whole village is situated on the stilts over the water, which is a traditional way of building houses in Inle Lake. Alodaw Pauk Pagoda, which is situated in Nampan, is the oldest pagoda in Inle Lake. This pagoda enshrines a gem-encrusted Shan style Buddha stupa.

In the Nampan, there are a number of cheroot (traditional cigarette) factories. There are also a few restaurants that serve delicious food at an affordable price on the edge of village

There is variety of these floating gardens to the north of Nampan village, where the Intha farmers grow tomatoes, flowers, squash and vegetables on long trip of floating land. This is a naturally formed collection of tangled, old, decayed water hyacinth, weeds, reeds and grasses that formed around the rim of the lake. It takes years to form a thick layer of floating land around the rim. Inthas usually go and look for a good piece of light, deep trough around the rim of the lake. Once found, they cut them into long piece and towed them by boat back to their village. Here, they were tied down to the bottom of the lake by long bamboo poles. Called Kyun myaw, Intha women cultivate vegetable on this floating garden from boat, usually working on both sides. These vegetables are the main source of income for Inthas. They sell them all over Shan State and Myanmar.


Location: Located at the south of Ywama village. Around 1 hour boat ride from Nyaungshwe town.

Visit on daylight time.


Take a boat ride toward Nam Pan village. You will have overview the whole village with traditional stilt houses over water. Do not miss the oldest pagoda in Inle lake here - Alodaw Pauk Pagoda. You will see the Buddha image in Shan style which is different from which you have seen in Yangon or other places in Burma. Continuing your discovery with cheroot producers, it will be more interesting to try a rolling a cigarette by yourself and enjoy it in Burmese traditional style. Finally, boat the North of Nam Pan village for floating gardens. If you visit Nam Pan on the right market days of rotating 5 days market, you will have opportunity to enjoy the interesting largest market in Inle lake here.