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Shwesandaw Pagoda was built in A.D. 1057 by King Anawrahta.
Until 1957, the whole structure of this Pagoda was in its original condition — fine bricked in color. But in that year, the pagoda was renovated and plaster covered so it now looks like a modern structure
Shwesandaw Pagoda has five terraces. On the topmost terrace rises a bell-shaped stupa. All four sides have a stairway each leading right up to the fifth terrace.

The stairways are very steep and high but with installed railings, climbing up and down is now easier.
Being the second highest pagoda and with five large terraces, it is an ideal place to watch sunrise & sunset. From the highest terrace, the surrounding view is breathtaking.
At sunrise, the plain is dotted with uprising hot air balloons.
At sunset, the distant wafts of dust rising from the dry plains helping to create a magical landscape.

Located in Bagan Archaeological Zone
Open: Daily, all year round
Paying the Bagan zone fee of $15, you are allowed to access to all the temples and pagodas in Bagan.
Horse carts are plentiful available and can accommodate 2 – 3 adults. For sunrise or sunset, with just around $10, you can hire a horse cart to take you from your hotel to the pagoda, wait for you and take you back to your hotel.

As all other temples & pagodas in Myanmar, you are requested to wear over kneed trousers and leave foot wares outside before visiting the temples/ pagoda. Sandal is particularly convenient.
At sunset, you should expect a crowd and come early if you want to get on the highest terrace and need some space to set up your photo equipment.
If you like somewhere less busy to quietly enjoy the sunset, you can go to Pya Tha Da Pogoda or Bulethi Pagoda, just few minutes away.
You may get hassled by the vendors trying to sell you postcards or T-shirts here in “rush” hour.
You can also take some great photos of interesting characters, just be sure to ask for agreement beforehand.
There may be temporary check-point here to check your Bagan zone pass, please be sure you keep it with you to avoid paying $15 zone fee again.