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Wat Mai

This Temple was built in 1796 with Laotian traditional model. In the entrance of the Temple, magnificent wood carving and gold-leaf murals can be seen on the main pillars and portico entrance to the temple.
Wat Mai served as a temple for the royal family and long has been the residence of the Pra Sangkharat, the patriarch of Lao Buddhism. In 1887 the Haw spared this temple. Historians say it was because they found it too beautiful to destroy. If so they get zero points for consistency given what they did decide to set fire to.

Wat Mai became the repository of the Pha Bang until, in 1947, the gold statue was moved to the royal palace, now the Royal Palace Museum.
During the Pimai Lao Festival in Apr, the image sagrada of Buddha is carried from the National Museum to Wat Mai for ritual cleansing ceremonies. The local residents pour perfumed water over the image, and put flowers on it to pay respect to Prabang.

Address: Sisavangvong, Luang Prabang, Laos
Open daily, from 08:00-17:00
Location: In the Phu Si Area in Luang Prabang
Entrance fee: Adult: 10,000Kip = 1,2 dollars.
The usual etiquette with regards to visiting places of worship in Lao applies, no bare shoulders or legs and avoid touching any of the relics unless you are invited to do so. A respectful silence should also be maintained where possible.